The Outlaw[z] Clan

  • Supporting new players on Warcraft 2
  • Bringing more players to the game
  • Helping each other grow and improve

New Website

Welcome to the clan [z] website. With the clan growing as big as it has, bringing in a website was the next logical step towards our revolution.

Our Mission

We want to give new players the chance to enjoy the game the same way we have for many years. [Z] is a mixture of newbies and veterans working together for one common goal.

Clan Z

When you log into Warcraft 2 use the channel Clan Z on the channel list to meet up with other new players who are trying to learn the game.

Download Warcraft 2

If you haven't given the game a chance yet visit and download the game.

Garden of War tournament 

Clan Z will be hosting a clan only Garden Of War tournament 3/28/21 at 3pm eastern time. Show up 30 minutes early for check ins at channel Clan Z.